News from the NSCTC

4 December 2017. After an intensive October the NSCTC is undergoing a bit of cleaning up. The main building is being redone, taking occasion of the break occurred after the last course on liturgy concluded on November the 10. In October worthy of mention is the retreat of the Khulna catechists (from the 16 to the 20) and the course on the gospels at the end of the month. The former saw the participation of around 40 catechists led by Fr. Babul Boiragi, parish-priest of Chalna Catholic Church; while the latter was led by Sr. Rosemary Shaha. This latter event was participated by 34 youngsters from several parishes of the Khulna diocese. Similarly, the course on liturgy saw the participation of 30 people, mostly youth. The liturgy course was led by Sr. Sumona Costa of the NSCTC staff.