Khulna Diocesan Pastoral Council 2018

NSCTC Jessore, 16-19 January 2018. Today the last group of the 120 people who crowded the NSCTC left our premises to return to their own places. For two full days representatives from all the parishes of the Khulna Diocese debated and reflected on the subject of the Influence of Technology on Family and Environment. One of the forgone conclusions arrived at is that technology as such is good; it is its use that may be either good or bad. To offset the negative influences of a misuse of modern technology, it was remarked, a stronger education and sensitization of youth on values were a must. More than and beyond repression or prohibition explanation, formation and witness could help us harness the many positive effects of technology. The assembly was presided over by the Right Reverend Bishop Romen James Boiragi.