Background of NSCTC, Jessore:

The history of the National Training Centre began in the year 1937, as we found in the records of the Salesian Fathers (Krishnanagar, West Bengal). “A permanent School for the New Catechists” was opened in Jessore by the then Provincial Superior of the Salesian North India Province, Vincenzo Scuderi sdb who at that time happened also to be the Apostolic Administrator of the Krishnanagar Diocese (from 26 January 1936 to 25 May 1939). When in August 1947 British India was partitioned, the eastern most parts of the Krishnanagar diocese, i.e. Khulna and Jessore, together with the eastern parts of the Calcutta Archdiocese, i.e. Satkhira, were separated from their original dioceses and later (1952) constituted in the new Jessore Diocese. The Salesians eventually withdrew from the then East Pakistan and the Congregation of the Xaverian Missionaries was asked to take over. This officially happened on January 3, 1952. Since 1953, Msgr. Dante Battaglierin, s.x., the first Bishop of the new Jessore Diocese, used to gather the Catechists for refresher courses and retreats, mainly in Jessore.
In 1964, Fr. Marino Rigon, s.x. became the Director of the Diocesan Training Centre, Jessore. Fr. Marino Rigon graduated from the Antigonish University (1964), with a ‘Diploma in Social Leadership.’ The courses organized by Fr. Marino Rigon, s.x., were aiming at both the religious and social formation of Catechists and Leaders. There were also courses for Co-operative Leaders. He considered the Catechist as leader of villages, for both Christians, and, in social activities, Muslims and Hindus as well.
The construction of the two-storied building of the Centre was completed in 1965-66. In 1967, ‘Misereor,’ a German donor agency, sponsored the Social and Catechetical Centre for a ‘seven year’ plan of ‘Formation Programmes,’ including salaries, buildings and all training expenses, insofar that it fostered ‘social development,’ Most of the trainees were Catechists.
On September 9, 1969, at an ‘Inter-diocesan Meeting of Catechists’, no. 2 point in the agenda, raised the question of how ‘the so-called ‘Social Training Institute” could be utilized for services at ‘National Level,’ with involvement of the then 4 Dioceses in regard to both finances and staff-personnel.
At the end of 1972, the Bangladesh Bishops’ Conference held discussions “regarding the possibility of using the existing Centre at Jessore for Catechetical Training.” The task to study this possibility and to make practical proposals was entrusted to the then ‘Interdiocesan Catechetical Commission’.
In February 1973, Fr. Orlando Ghirardi, s.x., who graduated at the EAPI in Manila, received the appointment as the Director of the (now) “National Socio-Catechetical Training Centre in Jessore.

People who worked at the NSCTC, Jessore

Directors who worked at the NSCTC, after Fr. Marino Rigon s.x.:

1) Fr. Orlando Ghirardi s.x., from 1973 to 1981.
2) Fr. James Rigali s.x., from 1982 to 1985.
3) Fr. Marcello Storgato s.x, from 1986 to 1992.
4) Fr. Pio Mattevi s.x., from 1993 to 1996.
5) Fr. James Rigali s.x., (2nd time), from 1997 to 1998.
6) Fr. Rinaldo Nava s.x., from 1999 to 4/7/2001.
7) Fr. John Gopal Biswas, Acting Director (5/7/2001)
8) Fr. Pio Mattevi s.x., (2nd time) from 26/10/2001 to 2013.
9) Fr. Sergio Targa s.x., from 2014.

Additional Staff:

a) Mr. Dinobondhu Baroi, B.A.,‘Diploma in Social Leadership’ (Antigonish), at the time of Fr. Marino Rigon, s.x., (from 1966 to end 1969).
b) Those who worked after 1973:
1) Fr. Willie Slavin (1976-79); 2) Fr. Marcello Storgato, s.x., (1978-82); 3) Sr. Teresina, S.C., (1978-80); 4) Mr. Samor (Catechist), (1981); 5) Fr. Gianni Martoccia, s.x., (1984); 6) Fr. Ernesto Luvie, s.x.; 7) Sr. Lucie, csc., and Sr. Cecilia, RNDM, (1984); 8) Fr. Attilio Boscato, s.x., (1985-1990); 9) Fr. Albino Sarker (1991-1995); 10) Fr. Pio Mattevi, s.x. (1992); 11) Sr. Bruno, csc; 12) Sr. Agnes Rozario, csc, from May, 1993; 13) Fr. John Gopal Biswas, from May, 1997. 14) Sr. Joya Rozario, csc, July 2002. 15) Fr. Bablu Sarker, from June, 2004. 16) Sr. Shephali Gomes, csc, from 2005; 17) Fr. John Fagan sx from 2009 to 2011; 18) Sr. Sagorika csc; 19) Sr. Sumona Costa csc from 2015; 20) Sr. Shilpi Rozario csc from 2016. Other people who worked at the Centre were: Lucidio Ceci and Francesco Zannini,
c) Workers in the Office of NSCTC: 1)
Mr. Joseph Biswas, B.A., (computer, from 1990) and Mongolbarta Editor, since 1982; 2) Komol Costa, B.A., (translations - accounting) (1982-1992); 3) Daud Mondol, I.A., (library, mailing & accounting), 1992-2014; 4) Sontosh Mondol, B.A.(E), (translation), 1995-2007.