After a long time…

Jessore 15-6-2019. After a long time, I am here again to give you some news. For several reasons I have been unable to write on this page. This of course does not mean that the NSCTC had been on holiday, quite the contrary! During all this time we actually have been rather busy with a number of programmes. Worthy of mention are the following. In January 2019 the premises of the NSCTC have been literally flooded with more than 100 people for the Khulna Diocesan Council assembly. In February we had a very nice programme for youth, concluded with a night time fire camping. In March similarly around 50 college going girls attended the course on women rights and empowerment. In April we had the traditional refresher course for the Khulna catechists. May had been quite busy indeed. We started with a group of around 70 teachers of our mission schools coming together for  retreat and a short refresher. Afterwards, we held a training organised by the Episcopal Commission for Inter-religious... Read More | Share it now!

The 3 Month Course 2018 is over.

On September 28, 2018 the 3 Month Course 2018 has successfully ended. The course had started on July 2 with 33 participants from all over Bangladesh. Most of them were candidates and aspirants to religious life in several different male and female communities. Young ladies from the PIME sisters, Holy Cross sisters, RNDM and Marist Sisters and a prospective female catechist from the Hill Tract together with youngsters from the PIME, Holy Cross, Franciscan, and Oblate communities and a sizeable group of catechists from both the north and the east of the country filled up the premises of the NSCTC for long three month bringing to live the Centre and giving it a new lease of life. Now everybody left for their respective destinations. May the dream dreamt during these three month come true for all of our participants. God bless, and see you again!... Read More | Share it now!

Seminar on the Mission of the Catholic Church in Bangladesh

Jessore, 4-6 June, 2018. The premises of the NSCTC have become alive once more with 18 people, mainly sisters, fathers and catechists of the Khulna Catholic Diocese, who for two days have endeavored a lot to understand the meaning of mission in its relationship with the church’s nature, and then, its practical actualization in Bangladesh. It eventually turned out clearly that mission is what defines the church itself, in such a way as a church cannot be such if it is not missionary. A maturity of a local church may be measured on the extent of its missionary attitude. In practice, taking the hint from the pope’s Mongolbartar Anondo, mission in Bangladesh should restate the option for the poor, the choice of peripheries, becoming thus a field hospital, a place of respite, healing and mercy!... Read More | Share it now!

Catechists refresher Course Held

From April the 9 to April the 13 a group of 56 catechists mainly coming from the Khulna and the Barisal dioceses, with a lone participant from the Rajshahi diocese have flocked the NSCTC premises to attend the course led by both Fr. Marcello Storgato sx and Mr. Suzon Mahady on Social Media, the Internet and the digital world in their impact on evangelisation and on the life of the Church in general. The course was actively attended by all. We hope to have helped our important pastoral operators to understand and use the new opportunities this new world of IT is opening up. Below a picture of the hall during on of the classes.... Read More | Share it now!

March: Youth, Women and the Environment

The month of March has seen the NSCTC busy with three courses. The first has been the one led by Fr. Giovanni Gargano sx on Biblical spirituality, basically attended by youth coming from the Khulna parishes. The second, from March the 10 to the 14, was centred on women, their situation and rights in Bangladesh. Significantly, this last course was participated by 30 or so college going girls who enlivened the austere walls of the training centre! The last course, from the 18 to the 21 of March saw instead the participation of around 25 people mainly fathers and sisters from the Khulna diocese. The course was led by Fr. George sj and focused on the study of the Laudato Sii encyclical letter of pope Francis. The three programmes were well participated and hopefully made a lasting sigh on the respective participants

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Khulna Diocesan Pastoral Council 2018

NSCTC Jessore, 16-19 January 2018. Today the last group of the 120 people who crowded the NSCTC left our premises to return to their own places. For two full days representatives from all the parishes of the Khulna Diocese debated and reflected on the subject of the Influence of Technology on Family and Environment. One of the forgone conclusions arrived at is that technology as such is good; it is its use that may be either good or bad. To offset the negative influences of a misuse of modern technology, it was remarked, a stronger education and sensitization of youth on values were a must. More than and beyond repression or prohibition explanation, formation and witness could help us harness the many positive effects of technology. The assembly was presided over by the Right Reverend Bishop Romen James Boiragi.

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Makeup completed!

On the Bijoy Dibosh, the 16th of December, the renovation work on the main building of the Centre has completed. Our gratitude goes out to the four painters who braved heights and accomplished the task in just a month. Last but not least, a big thank also to our Louis and Robiul, who as part of the NSCTC staff, worked hard along with the four professional painters. The NSCTC is now ready to restart its training activities from next January.... Read More | Share it now!

News from the NSCTC

4 December 2017. After an intensive October the NSCTC is undergoing a bit of cleaning up. The main building is being redone, taking occasion of the break occurred after the last course on liturgy concluded on November the 10. In October worthy of mention is the retreat of the Khulna catechists (from the 16 to the 20) and the course on the gospels at the end of the month. The former saw the participation of around 40 catechists led by Fr. Babul Boiragi, parish-priest of Chalna Catholic Church; while the latter was led by Sr. Rosemary Shaha. This latter event was participated by 34 youngsters from several parishes of the Khulna diocese. Similarly, the course on liturgy saw the participation of 30 people, mostly youth. The liturgy course was led by Sr. Sumona Costa of the NSCTC staff.

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